Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is the OG mecca of meathead. Unlike those sissy fitness franchises sweeping the nation, Gold’s gyms still defend their members’ inalienable right to laugh openly at lesser humans with lesser protein powders. But as cool as it is to be surrounded by people who read bedtime stories to their biceps before tucking them in and kissing them goodnight, it just doesn’t really outweigh the busted treadmills, sketchy salesmen, and confounding contracts oft associated with the brand.

Get Back To Your Old Self

Considering the gym’s trouble areas, we decided to create a campaign sans sweet abs and telegenic butt cheeks. Instead, we focused on what Gold’s provides their would-be members on a gut level: An opportunity to travel back to a time when their bodies were slightly less shitty.

Crazy, We Know

Eventually, Gold’s moved away from their policy of exclusively offering niggling contracts–switching to month-to-month memberships that were only slightly more expensive and a little harder to get out of than the ones offered by their competitors. They told us this was a big deal. And they told us to tell Utahans that this was a big deal. So we rolled out a campaign stressing the insanity—Crazy, We Know.

Thanks in large part to a man whose chest hair vaguely resembles the Bat symbol, our Dreamcatcher spot crept onto the front page of Reddit, and snagged more than 500k views in 24 hours.