Peligroso Tequila

For years, tequila danced wild and free, pant-less atop the bar. Then Patron came along. Then someone hired Michael Imperioli and Ray Liotta, and, pretty soon, the once drink of choice for young go-hards looking to go hard had been co-opted and transformed into an industry financing the lifestyles of b-list mob actors.

Thankfully, the folks at Diageo were tired of tequila acting boujee, and opted to back a brand a little closer to the drink’s dirty roots–Peligroso. We won the pitch to help them roll the label out nationally, almost justifying our formative passion for getting wasted in college.

In case you no habla, Peligroso is Spanish for dangerous. For those of you just joining us, yes, that does mean the brand name is Dangerous Tequila.

We set up an ambassador program with nine of the hardest-living surfers, photographers, tattoo artists, and bike builders from strategic markets across the country. A team of bad motherlovers that not only helped us get Peligroso into the stomachs and hearts of key distributors and bar owners, but rolled with us at promotions and sponsored events as well.

From the North Shore to Sturgis to NYC, we made a feast of the tequila-fueled good times–snapping photos and cutting footage to keep the insatiable social media machine sated for months on end.