Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain is an understatement. Spanning more than 7,000 skiable acres it’s one of the largest resorts in North America. It also happens to be on the receiving end of an annual 500” pounding courtesy of Ma’ Nature (dick joke). Yet despite these Rasputin-sized stats (dick joke motif), most Utahans hadn’t heard of the place. In a crowded market with nine of the best mountains in the world packed together along the same hour-and-a-half stretch of highway competing for the same snow enthusiasts, unheard of is as bad as it gets.

Same As It Ever Was (OOH)

In 2012 Powder Mountain’s parent company was balls deep (ball joke?) in discussions to sell the resort. But when word spread that the prospective owners had plans to develop the mountain into some sort of entitled entrepreneur biz-cation playpen, the gentle mountain folk of Eden, UT started seeming seditious.

Management was so genuinely concerned about the townspeople putting a pitchfork in their negotiations that they specifically requested a campaign to repudiate the rumors… hence Same As It Ever Was.

Declaring Pow Mow’s unwavering commitment to being a 2,832.8-hectare hole-in-the-wall, we were given carte blanche to call out all the fur-boot-stompin’, skinny-frappa-mocha-swiggin’ yuppies more concerned with their après options than charging the steeps.

Choose Adventure (OOH)

Come winter 2013, Pow Mow officially had new daddies, and the newly anointed marketing mavens now in charge at Pow Mow felt like they knew exactly where our previous work was lacking: the word, “Adventure.”

We did our damnedest to help them “position” (their word) the mountain as a “backcountry destination” (their phrase) while sticking true to the tone that had made past campaigns so successful.